Monday, August 3, 2009

8 Tips for Planning - By Matt Mullhofer

8 Tips for Planning - By Matthew Mullhofer

BEGIN WITH REALITY - You must face the reality that your wealth may be threatened at any time and without adequate warning.

OPERATE LEGALLY - Asset protection is a legal tool available to you in order to protect your wealth, however, you must use competent professionals who are familiar with the legal system.

MAKE A COMMITMENT - Asset protection requires that you involve your family members and other individuals in a life long commitment of estate planning and investment strategizing.

PRIORITIZE - Consider all of your life long financial objectives and make a plan that includes all of them.

USE PROFESSIONALS - To design the most effective plan possible you need to include all of your financial professionals including your tax advisor, financial planner, and an attorney who specializes in the field.

PROTECT EVERYTHING - Check to make sure that you have protected all of your assets, not just the major ones.

LOW PROFILE - Don’t draw any unnecessary attention to your assets.

ACT NOW - Effective and successful asset protection takes place before there are creditors, and before there is a threat to your assets.

About Matthew Mulhofer

Matt Mullhofer is an attorney licensed by the state Bar of California, Matt Mullhofer has extensive experience in the area of estate planning and asset protection, which includes the formation of trust, wills, family limited partnerships, limited liability companies, and domestic corporations. Additionally, Matthew Mullhofer has formed numerous offshore corporations, offshore trust, and private offshore bank accounts. Matthew Mullhofer has been a featured speaker at many estate planning and asset protection seminars.

Matt Mullhofer has extensive experience in business and corporate law, civil litigation, probate, and real estate law. Matt Mullhofer has negotiated many commercial and residential real estate leases and transactions. Matthew Mullhofer has drafted and negotiated numerous business and sale agreements for business owners. In the area of Intellectual Property, Matthew Mullhofer has acquired extensive experience representing corporations in the acquisition, licensing, and registration of their trademarks and copyrights.

Matt Mullhofer has also experienced success in representation of taxpayers regarding collection efforts by the Internal Revenue Service, Franchise Tax Board, and State Board of Equalization. Matthew Mullhofer also handles Chapter 7 Bankruptcy cases with an emphasis in discharging taxes in bankruptcy.

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